Eaconomy leads marketing sector with an amazing reward plan

Becoming an affiliate with Eaconomy is a great way to earn money by promoting our products and services to your audience. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a commission on every sale that you generate, and you’ll have access to a range of tools and resources to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll be joining a supportive community of other affiliates who are all working towards the same goal of increasing their income.

Eaconomy offers modern online marketing systems and success tools to support the independent affiliates in their business endeavors. They value the hard work of their affiliates and reward them through the affiliates rewards program, which pays up to 85% of the total group volume (GV).

The global plan allows affiliates to earn income in markets around the world where they operate. They are committed to the success of their affiliates and pay up to 85% of GV as part of their commitment.

Their exclusive product line and generous affiliate rewards program make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals, whether you are looking for part-time income or a full-time income. Eaconomy’s fast start bonuses, binary team commissions, and lifestyle bonus provide opportunities to earn rewards based on your needs and desires.

Eaconomy packages & way of joining

As an Eaconomy affiliate, you have the option to choose between two affordable product packages: $149 or $235. You cannot be on both product packages at the same time. These packages offer a turnkey business and provide a lot of value.

When joining Eaconomy, you can enroll as either a customer or affiliate. Customers only pay for products, while affiliates pay a one-time $29 activation fee and then $15 per month for access to their replicated website, back-office, funnel marketing system, Affiliate Academy, and Icon mentorship weekly live webinar trainings. They only pay commissions on product orders, not activation or enrollment fees.

Product Packages

When enrolling with Eaconomy, you have the option to choose from flexible product packages as a customer or independent affiliate. The packages available are listed below for your reference.

Customers have the option to order from any of the above packages without paying an activation fee. Independent affiliates only need to pay the $29 activation fee and then $15 per month. With your Eaconomy product purchase, you can enjoy one or all of our life-changing products and services.

Earn a Free Membership by Referring 3 Active Customers

As a customer in the Eaconomy ecosystem, you have the opportunity to earn a free membership. When you order any of our life-changing products and services and become a customer, we provide you with your own website and customer portal, allowing you to refer friends and receive free products and services.

To earn a free membership, you need to refer three active customers on either the Elite Pack or the Elite Pro Pack. Once you have referred three active customers with any customer pack, you will receive your free membership. However, if any of your three active customers cancel their membership or become inactive, you will lose your free membership.

If you are interested in doing the Eaconomy rewards plan business and want to purchase the $29 affiliate marketing activation kit, you can do so to become an Eaconomy affiliate. This is only available if you are satisfied with our services and personal results.

Fast Start Bonus

As an affiliate, you can earn a one-time $50 bonus on each customer package you personally enroll. This bonus is paid out for each customer package you enroll.

To qualify for fast start bonuses, affiliates must sell an Elite Pack or Elite Pro Pack.

Fast start bonus payouts are based on the Elite Pack and Elite Pro Pack orders recorded from Monday at 12:05 AM to Sunday at 11:59 PM. Payouts are made every Friday based on the previous week’s orders.

Binary Team Commissions

The Eaconomy rewards plan is a very generous binary plan in the network marketing industry. It pays affiliates up to 85% on their business organization. As of this publication, Eaconomy is the only company in the world with a monthly earning potential of $1 million per month with no flushing, no cycling, and no percent paid of a weaker leg. If you have the volume, you get paid. It’s that simple.

RankWeekly PayoutMonthly Payout
Influencer 500$125$500
Influencer 900$225$900
Influencer 1500$375$1500
Prodigy 3k$750$3,000
Prodigy 5k$1,250$5,000
Icon 9$2,250$9,000
Icon 15$3,750$15,000
Icon 25$6,250$25,000
Icon 50$12,500$50,000
Mogul 75$18,750$75,000
Mogul 100$25,000$100,000
Mogul 250$62,500$250,000
Mogul 500$125,000$500,000
Mogul 750$187,500$750,000

To be eligible for binary team commissions, affiliates must have a total of 99 PV in personal volume, 198GV in personally enrolled volume on the left leg, and 99GV in personally enrolled volume on the right leg.

Binary team commission payouts are made every Friday for the volume generated from the previous week (Monday 12:05 AM PST to Sunday 11:59 PM PST).

Rank Up Requirements

RankVolumeTotal StudentsPersonally EnrolledPersonal VolumeTotal Enrollment Tree VolumeLeg Rule
Influencer 500198010/10329759450%
Influencer 900396020/203297118850%
Influencer 1500792040/403297237650%
Prodigy 3k1485075/753297445550%
Prodigy 5k39600200/20043961188050%
Icon 974250375/37565942227550%
Icon 1599000500/50076932970050%
Icon 251980001000/100087925940050%
Icon 503960002000/2000989111880050%
Mogul 755940003000/30001099017820050%
Mogul 1008910004500/450011108926730050%
Mogul 25017820009000/900012118853460050%
Mogul 500356400018000/18000131287106920050%
Mogul 750712800036000/36000141386213840050%

To qualify for binary team commissions, at least 55% of each leg of the business must be customer volume. The weaker leg must also have a minimum rank requirement and at least 60% of its volume must be generated through personal enrollment in the tree.

Personally Enrolled

To advance in rank with Eaconomy, you must maintain a certain number of personally enrolled students, meaning that they were brought into the Academy by you. The requirements for each rank are detailed below.

  • A “customer” is an active member on either the Elite Pack or the Elite Pro Pack.
  • An “active affiliate” is an active member on either the Elite Pack or the Elite Pro Pack and has purchased the Affiliate Marketing Kit.

Apprentice = Required to have 3 customers
Influencer 500 = Required to have 3 customers
Influencer 900 = Required to have 3 customers
Influencer 1500 = Required to have 3 Active Affiliates
Prodigy 3k = Required to have 3 Active Affiliates
Prodigy 5k = Required to have 4 Active Affiliates
Icon 9 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates
Icon 15 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates and 1 Apprentice
Icon 25 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates and 2 Apprentices
Icon 50 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates and 3 Apprentices
Mogul 75 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates and 4 Apprentices
Mogul 100 = Required to have 6 Active Affiliates and 5 Apprentice

For the ranks of Icon 15 to Mogul 100, the requirement for Apprentices can include someone who you personally referred and who has exceeded the rank of Apprentice.